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VPI Prime Signature Turntable - Rosewood - Display Model

$6,499.00 $7,000.00

The VPI Prime Signature is the next step up from the VPI Prime, which took the world by storm during its initial release. The VPI Prime Signature features an upgraded JMW 3D-10 3-D printed reference tonearm in a “metallic black” gloss finish with reference wire. The chassis consists of an aluminum plate sandwiched between a composite material for improved dampening. The finish in rosewood is one of our favorite turntables in the VPI production line. 

This specific VPI Prime Signature (Rosewood) was used at the Florida Audio Show on a static display for our protective dust covers. See images from the Florida Audio Show in February 2020.    

If you're looking for an upgrade, this is an outstanding turntable from our friends at VPI Industries. We can also help you with a dust cover! Contact us at for any questions. 


Prime Signature