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Wolf Audio Alpha 3SX Server (Demo Unit)

$7,500.00 $9,295.00

The Alpha 3 SX server is a Stereophile A+ Recommended Component and an indispensable source for incredible digital audio sessions. The Alpha 3 SX is a quieter, more natural and better sounding digital audio server than what we have experienced in many other digital audio servers. 

The Alpha 3 SX server represents the latest performance upgrades resulting from our work with Stillpoints and eXemplar Audio. The objective of the SX project was to make improvements in three key areas: micro-vibration control, electrical grounding, and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppression.

All the right places…

Utilizing Stillpoints patented vibration isolation technology, the SX package isolates the power supply and critical components employing Stillpoints circuit-board Isolators. The increase in clarity, dynamics, focus of image and broadening of the sound stage made themselves known immediately. 

Wolf has deployed Stillpoints’ ERS material exactly in areas where limited amounts of the ERS material works exceedingly well. The ERS material gives the Alpha 3 SX the perfect balance of naturalness, air, dynamics, transparency and clarity while limiting the noise from Radio Frequency Interference that’s automatically generated in every digital circuit.

High power and Total Control

eXemplar Audio’s ability to identity and suppress RFI penetrating the Wolf Alpha 3 and exiting the unit via the AC mains results in lower noise floor throughout an entire Hi-Fi system and creates an increase in low-level information retrieval, micro dynamics, soundstage, stereo imaging — sharpness and depth. In summary the SX package induces longer listening at lower volumes with even greater satisfaction.

The result in the development of the Alpha 3 SX server is one giant step for digital audio listening! 

Here's what Stereophile had to say:

We are offering our mint condition demo unit for $7500.

MSRP is $9295.

A savings of 20%! UPS shipping included. 

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