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Capital Audiofest 2022

Thanks to all for coming out to Capital Audiofest this year! Great to see everyone out and about at audio shows!

Credo Audio of Switzerland

We were room partners with Linear Tube Audio of Takoma Park, Maryland. In the room we had a killer Meitner digital front end with Linear Tube Audio's amplification. In the room: 

Meitner Audio MA3 Integrated D/A Converter $10,500

Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifier (Level 2) $5,750

Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 Reference+ Power Amplifier (monoblock) $6,800 (each) 

van den Hul
3T Baby Blue Speaker Cables (Modular Connectors): $999
3T Rock Interconnects (RCA, XLR): $622
Mainserver Power Cables: $320

Credo Audio Switzerland EV1202 Reference Loudspeaker $16,995 / pair

Yours truly setting up with Michael Kraske of Credo Audio of Switzerland. Thank you for bearing with us during the unexpected failure of the AC unit in the room.

One amazing perk to Capital Audiofest is the incredible Korean BBQ nearby in Rockville, Maryland.  


Some show coverage of the room at Capital Audiofest:

Capital Audiofest

In this exhibit there was no lack of resolution and detail, expected with both Credo and Meitner at either end of the chain. Unexpectedly, power for days from the LTA amplifiers, and smooth treble, juiced up tone, and warm and inviting dynamics were in abundance.

Audioshield Distribution, distributor of Credo AudioEMM Labs/Meitner Audio, and Van den Hul partnered with Linear Tube Audio (LTA) to produce an unexpectedly inviting and downright sensual pairing. 

Thanks for coming out! 



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