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Packaging Test

The Reveal

As a VPI customer, I have found that the best way protect a VPI turntable is by using an acrylic cover. But how does one protect the acrylic cover so that it can arrive safely to it's intended destination? It must be appropriately packaged. 

Before AudioShield started selling acrylic covers for the VPI production line, we wanted to make sure the acrylic covers were not damaged during their shipment. 

We tested the acrylic covers through a rigorous packaging test at VPI Industries. Not only do turntables have to be packaged correctly, but also their counterpart - acrylic covers.

Drop Test:

Drop Test 1

We drop tested the packaging from over 20’ and the acrylic cover had no trouble!

Stress Test:

 Stress Test

We kicked the packaged acrylic cover down two flights of stairs and the cover survived without a scratch! After our testing was complete, we revealed the packaged acrylic cover was undamaged. We feel that after this packaging test, we believe the acrylic covers will have no trouble being handled by shipping carriers.


We stand behind our product offering a guarantee on all equipment against manufacturing defects for up to 90 days after shipping. In the event that there is something wrong with your product, AudioShield will accept returns for up to 90 days after shipping.

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