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A VPI Cliffwood & an AudioShield

audioshield Dust cover Made in America Made in the USA Turntable VPI Industries VPI Player

Stumbled across this review of the VPI Cliffwood with an AudioShield Dust Cover 

Check out the full link here

VPI Dust Cover

AudioShield forms the AS300 Tabletop Cover from three pieces of clear acrylic: a curved front/back/side panel and two side panels. The side panel edges appear to be trimmed and polished by hand. The AS300 envelops the Cliffwood’s plinth. The AS300 has three cutouts: hand-holes on the sides and a larger exit for cabling in the back.

VPI Dust Cover

With a young child and two cats, I was not comfortable with a naked turntable, especially given the Cliffwood’s exposed drive belt. VPI recommended AudioShield as VPI’s accessory partner. AudioShield was founded by VPI alum John McGurk to make acrylic dustcovers in the USA for VPI turntables.

VPI Dust Cover


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