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Meitner MA3

A brand new product that we have been loving in 2021 is the new Meitner MA3. We have been listening since December of 2020 and love it! 

Integrated with a built in streamer, volume control and digital to analog conversion....this product will seriously take care of your digital front end. This product supports full MQA and functions as a Roon end point. Compatible with streaming from Quobuz and Tidal. 

Meitner MA3


Here some photos and information to check out:

16 x DSD MDAC2™ DACs coupled with our proprietary MDAT2™ DSP
- VControl™ volume control used in our EMM DV2 converter
- Supports DSD128/2xDSD, DXD and MQA®
- Built in network streamer for music streaming service integration

Meitner MA3 

The goal with Meitner products is to make high end audio more accessible to more people. Using a lot of the genes of the EMM Labs technology, the Meitner MA3 is uniquely positioned at a price point that packs a ton of digital to analog conversion. 

Having access to the groundbreaking technology developed by EMM Labs, we're really excited to bring this product to the market. 

Available through these authorized EMM Labs dealers:

 Meitner MA3

 Photo credit - Howard Kneller of the Soundstage Network 


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