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FL Audio Show - 2022

Nice to see everyone who came out for the Florida Audio Show! 

audiophile audio show great sounding equipment swiss made loudspeakers electronics from Canada

We were in room 716 with House of Stereo of Jacksonville, Florida. 

House of Stereo Jacksonville Florida

Room System description: 

EMM Labs

MTRX/2 – Mono-Block Amplifiers – $85,000/pair USDDA2 – 2 channel D/A converter – $30,000 USDPRE – Reference Stereo Pre- Amplifier $25,000 USD

DS-EQ1 – Optical Equalizer $12,500 USD

NS1 – Streamer – $4,500 USD

CREDO Audio Switzerland

EV Reference ONE Loudspeakers (Black Silk) – $35,000 USDEV 900 Reference - $13,995 USDEV 350 Reference – $16995 USD

van den Hul

Grail SE Phono Stage – $23995 USD3T The Rock Hybrid (1M, XLR) – $622 USD3T The Cumulus Speaker Wire (2.5M) – $6,098 USD

VPI Industries

Avenger VPI Direct Drive Turntable – $30,000 USD

Wolf Audio Systems

Red Wolf 2 Audio Server – $9,400 USD

 hifi system audiophile van den hul credo loudspeaker emm labs electronics vpi turntable high end audio


amazing audiophile electronics d/a converter preamplifier amplifier

fl audio show credo loudspeakers swiss made

audiophile interconnects inputs d/a converter preamplifier amplifier van den hul

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