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Capital Audiofest 2019

Join us in the Madison Room at Capital Audiofest Nov 1st until Nov 3rd, 2019

EMM Labs will be providing the electronics in the Madison Room at Capitol Audio Fest 2019 and exhibiting alongside VPI Industries, Kimber Kable, Credo Audio of Switzerland, Falkenohr, and DS Audio.

Credo Cinema LTM

On the analog side of the system, EMM Labs’ brand new Optical Cartridge Equalizer prototype will be paired with the DS Audio W-2 optical cartridge mounted on the brand new VPI turntable making its debut at Capitol Audio Fest. The Optical Cartridge Equalizer is slated to be released in the first quarter of 2020. All front-end audio will be fed through the critically acclaimed EMM Labs PRE reference preamplifier. Power to the Credo speakers will be provided by the MTRX2 1kW monoblock amplifiers that have been dubbed by Soundstage as “the best-sounding amplifiers I’ve ever heard”.

EMM Labs DV2


On the digital side of the system, EMM Labs will be showing its best-in-class digital front end components including the flagship DA2 stereo digital converter, the DV2 integrated converter with high-resolution digital volume control, and the NS1 Network Streamer. Collectively, the synergy of these components and brands will set the stage for a weekend of digital and analog playback worthy of the title “audiophile nirvana”.

See you in the Madison room from Nov 1st until Nov 3rd, 2019!

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